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Fire Alarms


Fire alarms are specially installed to monitor hazards in large buildings, or in high-risk locations. A typical fire alarm uses a network of different devices, including smoke alarms, pull stations, carbon monoxide alarms, and heat detectors, to monitor for fires. If a fire is detected, the alarm goes off.

When the alarm goes off, a loud sound is played through sirens that are strategically placed through the location, signaling the occupants to leave immediately through their pre-established escape routes. Additionally, most alarms are programmed to immediately call the local fire department.

The use of fire alarms has been instrumental in cutting down on both loss of property, and loss of human life, in many locations across the globe. Fire alarms can be found in factories, schools, large corporate offices, and more. In fact, many insurance companies will offer you a discount for having a fire alarm installed. Call our alarm manager to schedule an appointment today!