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Burglar Alarms


Many offices and businesses have benefitted greatly from installing a burglar alarm. With a variety of devices to detect unwanted intrusion, burglar alarms save companies from potentially thousands of dollars in losses.

Some detection devices used include: door detectors, which can tell when a door is opened; motion detectors, which are sensitive enough to pick up even small animals; glass break detectors, which detect the vibrations of a breaking window to prevent window access, and many more.

Our alarm manager can install one of these systems for you and give you peace of mind in your home or business. When an alarm is tripped, the panel can do different things depending on how it is programmed. The panel could make a loud noise, to deter the burglar; the panel could automatically call the police and dispatch them to your home without a noise to alert the burglar; or, the panel can call the police as well as making a noise. Precautions are taken in the installation and programming of the panel to ensure that, even if the burglar were to tear the entire panel from the wall, the police would still show up.

If a burglar alarm sounds like a good fit for your home or business, give us a call!